Soccer Fun for Kids Club is a Non-profit organization and we are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We gladly take any tax-deductible donation, which will help our youth with scholarships, equipment, uniforms, facility rentals and much more needed money. We believe that the biggest problem with soccer here in America is that people made it a business. The talented players are not getting the opportunities because they can't pay. America made the cheapest sport around the world the most expensive one. 
We do fundraisers to offer free soccer training and clinics to kids in the NYC community. We want to have a no cost U15 & U16 teams to compete at a highest level. With these fundraisers Soccer Fun for Kids Club will be able to keep young teens off the streets and keep them physically and mentally in shape. Thanks for the support!

For additional information on making a donation to our club please email coach campos at

" Make a Difference "