Boys Soccer



Our boys soccer program is split into two pillars . Travel and Local Teams.

Travel Teams

Soccer Fun for Kids Club is part of the Cosmopolitan travel soccer league which under the umbrella of Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA). Our travel teams play during the Spring and fall Seasons and have games all around the the NYC area. 

During the Winter time our travel teams participate in competitive indoor tournaments and our competitive indoor Futsal League.


Local Teams

Our local soccer program is design for kids that are not ready to play competitive travel games yet.

These players experienced the same training set ups , but just not the intense game exposure. The goal is to get them ready to be part of our travel teams.

Our Local teams play every Sunday in our own Local League which runs outdoors during the Spring and Fall.

During Winter the local teams play in our local indoors Futsal League. 

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Travel team game video.